Philips - Brush Busters


Philips Sonicare introduces the app ‘Brush Busters’ for kids.
This free multi lingual app teaches children all over the world to brush their teeth in a playful way by helping brushing the teeth of vampire’ Vicky One Fang’ and viking ’Bjorn Big Tooth’. The app is able to detect the sound of a Sonicare toothbrush and it contains information for parents and dentist’s on kids brushing behaviour.

Big Orange was responsible for the casting and production of all international voices. We composed music and sound for the app as well as the teaser trailer. The sound of the Sonicare toothbrush was painstakingly sampled by Jos (brushing his teeth) and integrated in the sound design!

Teaser Trailer

Brush Busters App Screengrab

Take a look and listen to the Brush Busters App.



Creative Agency: Achtung!
Build: Superhero Cheesecake
Music: Jos Jansen
Sound Design: Jos Jansen and Vincent Witte
Toothbrush Sampling: Big Orange