VPRO - In Europa

In Europa (In Europe) is a documentary series covering the history of Europe in the 20th century. The 35 episodes are based on the book ‘In Europe’, by Dutch writer Geert Mak.
For this series, we composed over 100 unique tracks, created mostly with sampler-mangled acoustic material.

The series won the Prix Europa (Berlin) for Best Emerging Media Project
and the “Erasmus Euromedia Award 2009”

Take a look at the scene and making of, or watch the complete series here, or buy the beautiful DVD boxed set.

Scene from Episode 04 - Ieper

In Europa - Making Of

A small inside on how we made the sounds for ‘In Europa’

In Europa - Playlist


Client: VPRO
Director: Roel van Broekhoven
Original Soundtrack: Big Orange