VW - GTi Bannerbahn

For this online Facebook and banner campaign, we went to the circuit and sampled the hell out of the new Volkswagen GTi. With great pleasure (and fear), we drove the GTi to the max, while recording it with 6 mics on the inside and outside of the car, then went back to the studio for some serious post-production.
It’s a dirty job, but someone had to do it…

Bannerbahn Teaser Video

Vincent created a original soundtrack for the Teaser Movie and Ad did some great sound design magic to it.

Bannerbahn - Racereport

@ The circuit


Concept and design: Achtung!
Technical implementation: Thispagecannotbefound
Music: Vincent de Koning
Sound design: Ad van Dongen
Sound recording: Diederik Rijpstra and Marten Negenman