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We Are Who We Become

‘We Are Who We Become’ is a campaign that celebrates the power of sport for development. Because sport unites young people around the world and helps them build their future.

‘We Are Who We Become’ highlights the stories of Byron, Chief, Luvo, Robyn and Peter. Five young South-Africans that are living testimonies of the power of sport and play. Their portraits symbolize the importance of sport for young people across the globe. They have all had their struggles; for them, life has not been an easy road. But they managed to come out stronger. And sport played a major role in that. Let their stories inspire you and those around you.

We Are Who We Become


Director: Nanno Jiskoot
Copywriter: Nanno Jiskoot, Jan Maarten van Riemsdijk
Post Production: Jos Jansen, Vincent Witte